Pilot Blankenfelde GmbH was established in Brandenburg/Germany in 1990. The company develops, manufactures and sells electronic medical equipment. It has its own production facility in Blankenfelde. Currently there are eight staff members.

Product line

The company's main field of activity is the development and production of evoked-response measuring instruments for diagnostic applications, in the otolaryngology sector. Production includes the assembly of printed circuit boards, installation and quality control of sub assemblies, final system assembly and testing.
The core feature of the company is product development and associated expert knowledge. This is provided by an in-house staff with high scientific qualifications in hardware and software technologies and with sound knowledge of medical application in the otolaryngology sector. This knowledge and insights into specific requirements are generated by direct cooperation with medical research centers.


Our products are sold worldwide by authorized dealers. Professional customer service and technical support are guaranteed directly by our company through these dealers.